Call for better regulation of drones and light aircraft

Dydd Mercher, 17 Mai, 2017

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has called for a Welsh Government Statement on the regulation of drones and light aircraft following complaints about them being flown in residential areas in Conwy and Denbighshire.   

Raising the matter in the Senedd yesterday, Darren said his constituents are concerned that drones are an invasion of privacy and that light aircraft being used on beaches could lead to accidents on nearby roads and rail tracks.

He said:    

“I’ve received a number of complaints recently from residents in my constituency about the use of drones in residential areas, hovering over people’s back gardens, filming local residents, and invading their privacy.

“There have also been complaints about the use of light aircraft such as paragliders in the Abergele Pensarn beach area right adjacent to the rail infrastructure, and indeed the trunk road network. If any of those gliders had an accident, then that could cause a serious injury and disruption to our transport infrastructure.

“We need a statement from an appropriate Cabinet Secretary about the way that we can best regulate these, while still allowing people to use them for leisure purposes.”

The Leader of the House Jane Hutt told Darren: “I will obviously take back and identify which Cabinet Secretary is appropriate to answer your important question - indeed, if we have powers at all in terms of the use of drones and the impact in terms of the invasion, if you like, of private space, and the use of them as well.”