Fall in teaching assistants piling the pressure on teachers

Dydd Iau, 13 Ebrill, 2017

Cuts to teaching assistant posts are “piling the pressure” on teachers say Welsh Conservatives.

Official figures revealed a fall of 446 support staff in Welsh schools in 2016 – to 23,994.  

Commenting on the figures, Shadow Education Secretary, Darren Millar, said:

“Diminishing school budgets have exacerbated funding problems in Welsh schools, leaving many head teachers with no alternative but to cut auxiliary staff – including teaching assistants.

“Support staff play a vital role in the classroom and falling numbers are piling the pressure on teachers, whose own numbers are in decline. 

“The bottom line is that schools cannot run properly with only teaching staff and the Welsh Labour Government must close the funding gap per pupil between England and Wales to ensure that schools are properly resourced and staffed.”