Four-weekly bin collections “a step too far”

Dydd Llun, 10 Ebrill, 2017

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has commended the recycling efforts of local authorities in Wales, but said Conwy County Borough Council’s four-weekly bin collections are “a step too far”.

Speaking in the Welsh Conservative Senedd Debate on Local Authorities, Darren said the new monthly collections facing residents are extremely unpopular and have led to an increase in fly-tipping and littering.

Darren, who is leading a campaign to get the monthly collections scrapped, said:

“We’ve got the great accolade of being one of the best performing recycling nations in the world, something of which I am very proud, and many homeowners and businesses have worked with local authorities to deliver those stunning results. But you have to take the public with you when you’re making significant changes to waste collection regimes, and I think that some local authorities now are beginning to step too far as a result of the financial pressures that they are faced with in reducing their waste collection services.

“Just look at local authorities like Conwy, for example, where 10,000 households in that local authority area are now having four-weekly bin collections. These are extremely unpopular, have lead to an increase in fly-tipping and litter, which is making the environment look very unattractive, and given rise to potential public health risks associated with things like pet waste in people’s bins for long periods of time.

“You can see that these sorts of financial pressures, because of that unfair rural element of the local government funding formula, are leading to real problems in some of our local authorities.”