AM goes down to the woods

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar was given a lesson in all things timber when he visited a working woods near Abergele last week.

Darren visited the woodlands, sawmill and various timber framed workshops and buildings belonging to the Elwy Working Woods Cooperative in Moelfre on Friday.

Elwy working woods is a new woodland planted 25 years ago. The land was scarified for planting by screefing (removing the surface vegetation) and is now a lush mixed conifer and broadleaf high forest with fruit tree edges. The main species are larch, scots pine, western red cedar, Douglas fir, ash, oak, silver birch, hazel, willow and some sweet chestnut, wild service and even Elm and black locust.

During his visit Darren met the group of mainly local, self-employed timber or woodland workers who share skills, resources and costs.

He said:

“Elwy Working Woods is a wonderful cooperative with a sustainable model of woodland management and a passion for all things timber.

“All the workers do their own thing, but are joined by a common identity. This translates to the woodland and its buildings, providing a place for people to add value, reduce expenses and provide employment.

“It was great to see all that has been achieved at the woods, including the impressive timber framed workshop which was self-built by volunteers and funded by the Coop. I wish to thank all the workers for a very enjoyable and informative visit, and I wish they all the best for the future.”