Support conservation work at Welsh Mountain Zoo

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has called on the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs to support conservation work being undertaken by Welsh Zoos, including the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay.

Darren, who is the Red Squirrel Species Champion in the National Assembly for Wales, made the plea in the Senedd this week. 

He said:

“Rare and endangered species are not just in the Welsh countryside. They are also resident in many of the zoos across Wales, including the Welsh Mountain Zoo in my own constituency, the National Zoo of Wales.

“It has endangered species programmes that are working to conserve the red squirrel population, for which I am the Species Champion, but also red pandas, snow leopards, chimpanzees and others.

“What action is the Welsh Government taking to support such conservation work and what specific support is the Welsh Government providing to support the efforts of the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay?”

The Cabinet Secretary assured Darren that the Welsh Government is “absolutely committed to supporting such projects, in terms of working with endangered species”, and said while she couldn’t comment specifically in terms of the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said she will look into it and is happy to meet Darren to discuss it further.

Darren added: “Funding for conservation is very difficult to achieve and programmes need continuity to ensure long term success. Without further investment the hard work put toward saving these animal populations is in danger of failing.”