Welsh Conservatives Slam Labour Measures to Hide School Performance Data

Today marks the beginning of new regulations in relation to teacher assessment information that will dramatically reduce the ability of the public to access information on the performance of Welsh schools.

Under the new rules, Teacher assessment data and National Reading and Numeracy Test data at a school, local authority and consortia level will no longer be published meaning that parents will Find it more difficult to effectively compare the performance levels of schools in their local area and beyond before GSCE and A Levels. 

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Secretary, Darren Millar AM said:

“Due to these new regulations brought in by Welsh Labour, Teacher assessment data will no longer be available on the My Local School website which was set up to allow parents and others to support transparency and to help them compare performance between local schools. 

“It smacks of an attempt to stifle parental choice and to keep parents in the dark about how children at their school are doing compared to their peers in other schools. 

“Stopping the publication of this data isn’t going to solve the standards crisis in the Welsh education system, only a new Government will be able to do that”.